There are now millions of applications accessible for your iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 and shockingly many of the most excellent are totally free. The following list presents our pick of the top free iPhone apps

Opera VPN

VPNs have become commonplace in a globe where nations routinely block online access to key content. In some cases, you may simply be blocked from accessing media libraries; elsewhere even social media and news may be beyond reach. The idea behind Opera VPN is to permit anyone to access otherwise inaccessible internet content, fully for free.


From the brains behind game-like learning-language application Duolingo comes Tinycards. The goal is to permit people to memorize anything by way of friendly flashcards sets.

Duolingo itself provides a number of sets based around history, language, and geography. Cleverly thought, anyone can make and publish a set, which has led to 1000s of decks about all types of subjects, from retro computing to renaissance art.


The application within a few seconds then transforms your image into a miniature Munch or Picasso, and it is quickly better than most of us could ever hope to get with Photoshop.

iTunes Movie Trailers

If you are always hunting down trailers to view what are worth flinging money at in the Cinema, iTunes movie trailers, is a very important download. The interface is split between charts, featured films and favorites. Choosing a movie does not quickly fire up the trailer. Instead, you get some artwork, information, a synopsis of the movie, and a list of trailers to play.


Plenty of applications claim they can get you making music in seconds, but this app truly means it. The application heritage helps, as it comes from Propellerhead program, makers of the legendary ReBirth and Reason.

In figure, though, working on beats and loops is stripped right back from what you would find in those hard PC apps, instead you tap out drums, and move your finger around to wonderful monster bass and playful leads.


The idea behind this app is to provide quick access to small chunks of information you never remember but truly need to: your cars number plate, hotel room, Wi-Fi passwords, or Konami code


Snapseed is a very versatile image editor for iPhone. You pick from a figure of filters and tools, and proceed to touch and swipe your way to transformed picture. You get all the basics, rotation, cropping, brushing and the like. There are also many photo effects.