Tunnelbear VPN is obviously very helpful if you have given all your trusted workers and also the key contractors or remote access to your network with the support of a client Virtual private network or VPN. There are so many advantages and productivity related advantages of using a Tunnelbear VPN coupon code. Below are some helpful tips that you can follow while protecting your internet connection.

You must use a powerful authentication method

This will definitely depend upon the infrastructure of your network. You should be capable to check your VPN and documentation of your OS in order to determine all your options.

A powerful encryption technique should be used

A layer two tunneling or L2TP protocol can be very supportive when used. This is a network with certain kinds of Microsoft servers. For instance, a point to point protocol can be termed to be extremely weak unless the passwords of your customers are promised to be extremely powerful.

Restrict your Tunnelbear VPN access to all those with a valid reason for business

Any VPN link is a door that can be used to get access the LAN. You should just keep it open when it essentially needs to be open. The remote employees and contractors should any time be rejected from linking to your Tunnelbear VPN to download the files that needed on a general basis.

Email access should be enabled without need of VPN

On all the servers of Microsoft exchange, you must build a server for proxy exchange in order to permit the outlook to access this exchange by using a remote produce call or RPC. This is clearly saved with the support of an SSL encryption.

Access to the chosen files through intranet and extranet

If you have a safe HTTP place that comes with a safe authentication and password, it will expose only the picked files on one of the single servers and not your full network.

Implanting and enforcing a powerful password

There should be a very powerful policy for a password. You must also know that your network is just as safe as the weakest of password that is in use. There should be not be anyone that can be permitted to keep a password on a long term basis. Use a number, or work or any other alphanumeric mixture of password. This can support you safe your VPN on a long term basis.