Here is the list of best VPN services for iOS devices.

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN is one of the most famous, and popular options. It specs a more simple and sleek interface that many and uses a special but still hard pay structure. You can pay by the hour if you just need something fast like browsing at the airport or you can link in subscription services by the year or month. It sounds like a rip off but some people just need VPNs sometimes and this VPN capability to let you pay for it just when you exactly intend on using it instead of handling a subscription for something you may just hardly ever use is something special.


Hideninja VPN is another very famous and popular VPN application on iOS and one of the few that carry a very easy pay structure. You can use the free edition which provides you access to a restricted number of servers with restricted bandwidth or you can go pro and obtain everything the application has to offer. The interface is based on Holo so it is simple to use and perfect. The advertising is really horrible but if you get passed that, it is perfect VPN app.

Opera VPN

It provides up a fully free VPN service that you can link and just go. You will get to choose from several places that you want to link to. The list is not remarkable but it is enough to be worthwhile. You can also block advertisement tracking as well. You would not be capable to download torrents over this VPN. Anyway, if all you need is easy, free VPN, this is a best way to go.

Speed VPN

Speed VPN is another rare option that is fully free to use. It boasts an easy interface, fully free use, and the capability to use the application without signing up for everything. Each link is sixty minutes and then you are kicked off but you can reconnect or extend whenever you need. The developer clearly describe that sites like torrent use will get you out so this is for those who only need to surf the web.

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is an iOS application with a pretty bit of style. When started it will present you where you appear to be along with your fresh IP address, which not fully functional, it is perfect visual touch.